Unleash the Power of Yammer


Unleash the Power of Yammer

Get to know more about the Yammer solution we offer to our client. Check out these resources:

  • Video case study – here we demonstrate the Power BI reports which we created to analyze content on the Yammer platform and discuss the benefits of implementing this solution for our client.
  • E-book – from it you will learn step-by-step how to build this solution, including the estimated costs that this would involve for your organization.

Watch our case study and learn

how to effectively manage communication within your company
which one of your employees has the greatest potential to become an influencer in your organization
how to oversee the flow of information in a safe way and power-adapt messages to your recipients
how to use Power BI to build advanced analytics regarding communication in your company

Video Case Study

Case Study

Our client is a major company in the pharmaceutical industry. 2 years ago, as one of the first organizations in Poland, they decided to use Yammer as another communication channel. The decision was for the Sales and Marketing Department to adopt Enterprise Social first, to drive employee engagement, foster open and less formal communication to integrate medical representatives and to promote knowledge sharing.


The use of Yammer turned out to be such a success that it was rolled out to the whole capital group. However, the client also wanted a comprehensive and user-friendly analytical dashboard to encourage adoption and to track usage. This was crucial to successfully realize business objectives associated with Enterprise Social within the organization. As these features are not available out-of-the-box, we have developed a customized solution.


Project goals:
The project aimed to aid the PR & Internal Communication Department with:

  • Finding the top influencers and making them “Yammer ambassadors”. They would drive Yammer adoption through a dedicated approach to communication initiated and moderated by them
  • Gaining access to easily customizable reports and dashboards to track all aspects of Yammer activity.


We designed and developed a fully extensible platform based on Azure Data Services and Power BI that allows the client to analyze Yammer usage and adoption, and to realize the full potential of Enterprise Social. The key features of this solution that made it possible to meet the project goals include:

  • The automated data loading process
  • A predefined set of reports and dashboards focused on selecting the most engaged employees and usage patterns
  • The possibility to define new reports and dashboards (a comprehensive and business-oriented data repository is available to end users).