An Honest Review Of 5 Leading Microsoft Security & Identity Trends For 2017

Join Upcoming Webinar With Predica’s Experts & Special Guests To Learn What Will Shape The IT Industry... And What Is Just a Marketing Fluff To Be Ignored?


If you want to know what threats and opportunities 2017 is holding for you in the world of Microsoft Security and Identity... Or you simply want to get a better understanding of what is happening in the industry… We’ll be hosting a series of webinars with Predica’s specialists and external experts from leading IT companies. You’ll get an honest review of the upcoming trends (and quite a few controversial opinions, too — so we promise it won’t be boring!).

During The Webinar You’ll Get An Honest Review Of These Trends

Your Host

Tom Onyszko
Predica's CTO

Tom demonstrates incredible technological skills and expertise in the field of Identity and Access Management gained throughout 13 years in projects related to the IT industry. As an internationally recognized tech expert, he has been multiple times awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional status. He can jumpstart IAM and Azure projects from scratch with creative brainstorming to a successful, accountable and result-driven execution.

Featured Guests

Sean Deuby
Identity Solutions Architect at Edgile

Sean is an identity technology analyst and expert, recognized across the industry for both technical expertise and the ability to communicate it in a clear and practical manner. Based on his background as a technical leader for both Intel and Texas Instruments' identity infrastructures and his years of reporting and analysis on internet identity topics, he consults and speaks on cloud identity and identity as a service (IDaaS) in general, and Microsoft hybrid identity architectures and products (such as EMS) in particular.

Brjann Brekann
Customer Success Program Manager at Microsoft

Program Manager in Identity engineering team at Microsoft focused on customer success in using MS products and services. Brjann has been in the identity space for the last 14 years at Microsoft across sales, marketing, consulting and now engineering. Moved to the US 9 years ago, before that he worked for Microsoft in Sweden. Prior to Microsoft he was a trainer on infrastructure and security products across Microsoft and HP.