Azure under control: manage your resources with Cloud Governance Framework 


Cloud Governance

Cloud Governance Framework is an approach that highlights design decisions, processes, procedures and design details that are needed to provide a consistent approach towards using Azure as a new ‘cloud-first’ IT environment.


During our workshops, we will develop Cloud Governance Framework for your organization and set up initial components of Cloud Shared Services subscription.


The goal of creating a Cloud Governance Framework and its implementation is to create an environment that ensures that deployed resources and services are adequately monitored, managed and secured for compliance with the company's security and risk management requirements, as well as any external regulations.


If you want to know more about Cloud Governance Framework, download the comprehensive guide prepared by Predica's CTO!




Our solution focuses on the following key areas


Cost management
Development of cost control policies for your current and future cloud spend: make it reasonable, scalable and accountable


Security baseline
Establishment of tailor-made security requirements and its application to the company’s cloud resources


Identity baseline
Identity and access management to reduce the risks of data breaches by setting up role definitions and assignments


Resource consistency
Setting up policies for consistency in configuration of the company’s dispersed cloud resources, regarding onboarding, discoverability, and recovery


Accelerate deployment and configuration thanks to centralization, standardization, and consistency practices

Main Benefits

Enhanced cloud security Keep your data and infrastructure in the cloud secure against breaches and protect your resources from external threats
Cost-effective use of the cloud Boost your business performance while controlling the costs of cloud adoption for maximum cost-effectiveness
Cloud compliance Set clear policies to make sure your existing and future cloud resources will be compliant with internal or external requirements
Managing risks Identify and assess the risks connected with cloud adoption and alleviate any concerns regarding the possible perils