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Microsoft awards

Benefit from an excellent support from an award-winning Microsoft partner.


Projects finished

We’ve helped transform businesses while reducing their costs, increasing productivity and agility.


Satisfied clients

We aim to deliver transitions that are equally painless for our clients, their employees AND the end-user.


Areas of expertise

We’ve developed a proven methodology and toolsets to accelerate deployment timelines.

What we can do for you

Identity Management and Security

We can help you choose the right systems that won’t mess with your current infrastructure (we can help with moving to the cloud, too, if that’s where you are at). Or plan and execute the safe deployment process. We work smoothly with solutions like SIEM, MFA, ATA...


Managed Service

Adopting the cloud doesn’t have to be difficult. With our Managed Service offering you can benefit from its great features without having to worry about resources or expertise.



Deployment of Office 365 in a huge organisation can be tricky because of your unique requirements. We can help you plan and execute smooth implementation procedures, keeping in mind the vulnerabilities of current IT systems.



A modern data center in the company is all about dynamics, scalability, and facilitating operations. Get your automated platform to improve your IT efficiency and drive down operational costs with the power of cloud-based Microsoft software.



You can help your marketing and sales team improve its performance. How? With CRM solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll sort out customer data chaos through powerful workflows, reporting, data modeling, and web services not only for your clients relations management but also your suppliers, employees, partners, assets or knowledge bases.


Mobile and IoT

Have you lately considered moving your business’ operations to mobile? Learn how to manage easy-to-use, customized apps for all available platforms (IOS, Android, Windows or Xamarin cross-platform apps) and physical devices for leading your company’s processes or to deliver your virtualized products and services.


Data Analytics

Most of our clients have troubles with "squeezing out" what's really important for sales forecasting, planning budgets or optimizing processes of Excel tables and gigabytes of stored data. Advanced analytics is your solution - you'll better understand your business and make right decisions based on insights, not guesses.


How we do it

Our execution

Finding the right IT solutions is only half the battle... The key is to train and encourage your team to actually make (full) use of these tools and systems. We’ll help you with it through our customized trainings and processes.

Our values

Three of our core values are: “make it happen”, “be one step ahead” and “be challenger”. Aside from the integrity and unshakeable work ethics — but that goes without saying.

Our people

You have on your side a group of highly skilled IT, business and MVP experts, ready to share 30 years of their experience in supporting IT Professionals and huge organisations from around the world.

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