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How You Can Overcome Your Security Challenges?

Mind the gap! Build up your Identity and Access Management program

Make Identity And Access Management the core of your security approach. To get out of the trap of constantly changing access to applications you need a good plan, trusted tools and automation to work together. Control your user identity, applications, and activities with our set of frameworks (successfully tested on literally hundreds of projects).

Manage privileges and monitor threats in your environment

The bad guys got smarter. Privilege Access Management is the key element to protect your business against Advanced Persistent Threats. Build your privilege management, policies, and tools for Active Directory and cloud applications. Monitor threats with advanced analytical tools. We have proven practices and patterns — and we know how to apply them to your environment.

Passwords are not enough. Put multi-factor authentication to work

What stands between hostiles and your environment is their identity protected with user credentials. Take one step further to protect your assets. Deploy multi-factor authentication and protect remote access, VPN, LDAP directories, and your apps. Adopting the change is hard and we can help you face it with ease.

Control SaaS applications and provide single sign-on for users

Good news! There are outstanding tools and standards to rescue your SaaS apps. They can be monitored and put in control with single sign-on. Get our assistance in understanding these challenges and applying right solutions to your business’ needs.

Provide information protection on-prem and on the go

Information is key asset. Processed on many devices and travelling across the network can’t be kept sealed. But still you can keep it protected with Rights Management Services and Azure Information Protection. With encryption, tracking and applying data loose protection we can help you remain in control and be sure that your data is not leaking.

Plan ahead. Prepare to move to the cloud and stay secure

Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Google Apps or Salesforce are becoming integral parts of modern organizations. What you need is a solid identity and authentication solution in place. Let's work together on getting your infrastructure ready to move to the cloud — plan identities sync, deploy authentication solution, build secure admin model and provide SSO.

How we do it

Our execution

Finding the right IT solutions is only half the battle... The key is to train and encourage your team to actually make (full) use of these tools and systems. We’ll help you with it through our customized trainings and processes.

Our values

Three of our core values are: “make it happen”, “be one step ahead” and “be challenger”. Aside from the integrity and unshakeable work ethics — but that goes without saying.

Our people

You have on your side a group of highly skilled IT, business and MVP experts, ready to share 30 years of their experience in supporting IT Professionals and huge organisations from around the world.

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